Damian Langere


As one of the founding partners of Gelt, Damian Langere helped lead the company’s growth from a single $150,000 four-plex to its current asset base of over $1.5 billion. Through his varied experience working with onsite managers to enhance operational efficiencies, Damian saw a huge void and realized there was a tremendous opportunity to build a powerful payment and financing technology. This platform would provide renters living in Gelt properties with flexible rental and move-in financing payment options. Damian sees the entire rental payment industry stuck in the stone-age era of paper checks, money orders, and inflexible due dates. His vision became a reality and Domuso.com has now grown its customer base well beyond Gelt’s properties. In July of 2017, he and Keith Wasserman formed The Resident Relief Foundation, a public nonprofit whose mission is to help responsible renters from being evicted or forced to move because of an unexpected financial emergency. Damian graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a double degree in Environmental Science and Geography in 2004. Damian is also a member of YPO (Young President's Organization).